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Affiliate marketing is the most affordable and convenient way to make money online. The affiliate marketer promotes one or more products from the seller of his choice based on the average payment or commission for the sale, promotional materials, and compensation plan.

Becoming an affiliate marketer has its own advantages and fun. Affiliated companies can place advertisements or link back to merchant pages that customers click and make purchases, so that the affiliates can earn sales commissions. There are thousands of membership programs you can join for free, and there will definitely be products related to your niche and website. Due to its simplicity and openness to make money, affiliate marketing is the most effective online money making business.

Although this simple way of making money has a drawback, the competition is fierce. In order to overcome this obstacle and become a super member, you must be equipped with the right things to push you forward. However, there are still situations where affiliate marketers do not sell and therefore return empty-handed.

How to become a super affiliate member in affiliate marketing?

Becoming a super member is not easy. If someone wants to become a super member, the most important thing is to treat membership marketing as a business. However, to stand out from the crowd and make a lot of money, you should have 5 key elements. They are:

1. Choose the perfect niche market The success of

Affiliate marketing is to find a perfect niche market and choose it. In fact, this is the most critical part of the entire business. A niche is something you are passionate about or something that has been sold, and these things have an important market and space for you to build a website. In any case, to make the process easier, you can use two main tools to find your niche. ClickBank market and research.

For the ClickBank market, look for products that weigh more than 30 and have a commission between 20 and 35 dollars. Gravity Score shows how many independent affiliates sell products in a certain period of time.
On, your goal is to search for products with at least 20 reviews. People who really rate products specifically are real, about one in a thousand. Therefore, if a product has 20 reviews, you can assume that more than 20,000 of that product have been purchased.

2. Keyword Research

This is where many affiliate marketers stumble. But few tools and strategies can make this easier. Try to search for your keywords by “product name” and “author name”, because these types of keywords have the most value than any other type of keywords.

First, you can use basic forum research related to your niche and the Google Keyword Tool for global monthly searches for specific keywords. You can also use some kind of keyword analysis tool (such as Traffic Travis) to conduct a thorough analysis of keywords, competition, search engine optimization, and building a large keyword list.

3. Mining traffic

If you don’t let some visitors view your website, you will be worthless. This is the most important thing that many affiliate marketers overlook and fail. The target network traffic that will be converted into sales depends on many factors, of which PPC, search engine optimization, banner ads, blogs, forum publishing, and article writing are the most important. The exact method knowledge and good preparation will definitely lead to the success of affiliate marketing.

4. Landing pages and conversions

The key here is to get the highest possible conversion rate. When they click on your landing page, the more people you can convince them to buy your product, the better your chances of getting high commissions. There are many types of landing pages; you can have a squeeze page to get an email address, a product review page, and a product permissions page.

No matter which type of landing page you choose, always use clickable images, links, relevance to your content, and pop-ups to increase the visibility of your landing page.

5. Email Marketing

When it comes to making money from affiliate marketing, the most basic and important key is email marketing and list building. There is nothing more powerful than having someone’s email address and being able to contact them directly to ask them to consider membership offers and turn that contact into sales. Popular services that manipulate email lists are AWeber, Mail chimp, and Get Response.
Affiliate marketing is a profitable business. According to your injection plan, you can increase from zero to 10,000 per month. Learning new skills, techniques and wanting to adapt to new things is very helpful to become a super member and make money in a few days.

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